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Donate to Help Us Build a Shelter and Save More Animals

We are excited to announce that Shelter Paws will be building a shelter! Help save thousands of helpless and unwanted animals by taking part and supporting the expansion of our rescue! We rescue a wide array of breeds, so many animals will be saved.

Few are aware that within Arizona is one of the highest kill shelters in the nation -- Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, commonly referred to as "MCACC." An estimated 8,000 innocent, sweet, good animals were put to death at MCACC West Location in Arizona in 2015. Our rescue has made a substantial difference and thousands of MCACC death row animals are alive today because of our efforts -- However, with an average of 22 lives put to death DAILY at MCACC West last year, more help is desperately needed! Having the second highest intake in the country, MCACC consequently ranks in the top percentile for animal deaths. Sadly, because of the severe lack of state and national awareness, the animals here in Arizona have almost no support resulting in many deaths.

Why Do We Need a Shelter?
Our rescue has made a tremendous impact; however, currently, we are beyond capacity within our own homes and foster homes. Unfortunately, there is only so much space and so much time. We are dedicated to rescuing unwanted animals from death row who truly have no chance and would, otherwise, be put to death. In addition, we often provide assistance to other rescues or adopters by providing professional evaluations, expert handling and overseeing meet and greets when available. A facility will provide a lot more space so many more precious lives can be saved. Also, having a facility along with the assistance of reliable volunteers will free up valuable time so we can go back to assisting other rescues as well as pulling death row animals each evening. Since we were the only rescue pulling death row animals from the euthanasia-list on a regular basis, many animals are not receiving even one pull and are being put to death without being given a fair chance to be adopted. No other rescue has stepped up to pull animals from the e-list which has resulted in many deaths that could have easily been prevented. -- It is imperative we begin moving forward with our plans ASAP so we can return to pulling animals from the e-list and saving many lives.

Neglected and Abandoned Animals in Arizona need YOUR help!
Arizona is in desperate need of a true no kill shelter. Below are some of the precious animals that were put to death in just one morning at MCACC. We were pulling dogs like these each and every night --- and, not only for adopters. Some of the dogs below did not even get one pull from the list. A facility is desperately needed! The animals need us and we would love to return pulling regularly from the e-list so dogs like these are given extra time and a fair chance to be adopted..... but, we cannot do it without your support. If you truly want to make a difference and help keep dogs like these safe, then consider donating to help us build a shelter.

Photo Credit: Photos taken by volunteers. Source unknown.

With so many lives being destroyed daily, time is truly of the essence ...

DO NOT DELAY -- PLEASE DONATE NOW SO MANY MORE INNOCENT LIVES CAN BE SAVED -- You can help make a substantial difference! Our goal is only possible with your donations.

How Would A Shelter Help?
Countless animals are alive because of our tireless work and effort and a shelter along with the help of volunteers will allow us to save many more animals at once at any given time. With your support we will be able to save even more lives! In order to continue our tremendous life saving mission and make an even greater difference, we will be expanding and building a rescue facility. Our shelter will cater to the animal's care and comfort. Each individual animal will have his or her own large kennel with a comfortable kuranda bed, rubber kennel mat and a secure, outdoor build-out area. There will be separate play rooms set up to offer a warm, cozy home environment-like setting, grooming rooms, private meet and greet rooms, and large outdoor play yards. A shelter will also free up many hours daily so that time. we can go back to pulling death row animals on a regular basis from the euthanasia-list.

Donate Towards Building Our Shelter Today
When you support Shelter Paws you are supporting a rescue that is genuinely making an eternal difference for animals who would otherwise have no hope or chance at another tomorrow.

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Shelter Paws is an all breed rescue in Arizona and is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals from high kill shelters. We urge you to join our life saving mission by helping us give a voice to the voiceless --- your help is greatly needed! We encourage you to learn more about our rescue, what sets us apart, and the many ways you can support our mission to save lives.

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