Senator Jeff Dial visits MCACC

Senator Jeff Dial visits MCACC to meet Domenic from Shelter Paws, Hank and a family of adopters for a first hand view of how shelter evals can result in a death sentence for dogs. If you want to help make changes to the animal care and control system, please read this story and share.

Hank at Shelter

This is the story of Hank

Hank was found as a stray, wearing no collar/tags or microchip -- leaving his fate pretty much sealed. He was picked up and impounded at MCACC, which happens to be a very scary place for most pups that visit. I won't get into the evaluation process, but at some point he made the elist. Several people attempted to meet this dog including a friend named Michelle from another rescue group, but none were successful at doing so. According to staff, he was acting aggressive and trying to bite, so it was not possible to take him out of the kennel for potential adopters to meet him. This isn't the first time this has happened, so I decided to pull him from the list and have a look for myself. When I arrived, I asked staff to open the kennel for me so that I can eval this boy. It took all of about 5 seconds to leash him and take him out of the kennel?! I knew immediately this dog was not aggressive nor did he pose a liability to anyone, but continued with my eval to be certain. We walked through the kennels and he was non-reactive to the dogs inside. We stood in the hallway for a few minutes as people passed by, and there was no growling or lunging whatsoever -- all I saw was a happy dog excited to be out of his kennel. Hank is about 100lbs, and was pulling/tugging slightly, but I can't blame him since he was locked in a jail cell for 10 days. 

Hank Meets His New Family

We then proceeded to walk outside to find a play yard area that was available. As I'm walking out and nearing the play yard, I hear a voice calling out asking if this was the dog from kennel #166, and I said yes! A man by the name of Joey Mccullough and his girlfriend Sherina Marie were there to meet this dog, but unfortunately were not able to. I explained to them that I was there to do an eval on him, and so far he seems to be a great dog! Up until now, they were only able to interact with him through the kennel gate, but they told me that he was very affectionate with them. They were very excited to see him out of his kennel, and thrilled to be able to meet him. Since Hank seemed very comfortable and relaxed around them they followed me into the play yard area to interact with him a bit more. Other than reacting to a few dogs walking by, Hank was an awesome pup with everyone! Yay Hank!

I will say that without a doubt the stressful shelter environment may cause dogs to behave much differently than normal and I do believe Hank was simply reacting to the situation. This was a concern, so I reached out to Senator Jeff Dial and he took the time to come and meet me at MCACC East Valley. He had the opportunity to meet with a family who adopted a dog classified in a way making it nearly impossible for him to be adopted to the general public. I really appreciate Senator Dial's concern and effort to help save the lives of the animals at county and look forward in working with him on solutions.

In the end, I'm happy to say that Hank has found his forever home! I would really like to thank Joey, Sherina and family for adopting Hank! Here's a few words from Sherina Marie: " I don't care what they said or saw in you, all i see is a baby boy wanting to give and be given love. So glad we found you Hankster!"

This happened on 8/26/2016 and on 9/1/2016, only a few days later, changes began to happen at MCACC. We would like to also thank MCACC for understanding that changes are needed and making steps in the right direction.




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