Aidee - German Shepherd Mix

Aidee - German Shepherd Mix

Aidee - German Shepherd Mix

Aidee was ripped away from her beloved family and dying of pneumonia. She was on death row and knocking on heavens door.
Caroline C
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Aidee has been a blessing and can't imagine life without her!

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My Story

My heart feels as if it is being torn to shreds when I think about the beginning part of my life and even though the pain has lessened the distant memories still bring tears to my eyes and sharp twisting pains deep within my heart ... I suppose I will never truly forget the devastation.

My name is Aidee and I thought my life was pretty normal -- Living outside with my mommy, daddy and sister was all I ever knew. We found comfort in each other; and, we could always find things to do. Life was not so bad. We were a close-knit family spending all of our time together: playing, napping in the sun or cuddled close at night. There were a few months that were so dreadfully hot we thought we might die and we struggled to find relief from the intense heat. But, all-in-all we made the most of our life and found joy in the close loving bond we shared with each other. My daddy and I had the closest bond and my family would call me "daddy's girl." I loved my mommy too but the bond between daddy and I was most special. My sister and I were close but we would get into tiffs every once in a while probably because sometimes we would get jealous of each other. I liked my life. We had each other and that seemed like enough ...

We never really saw the 'humans' except briefly when they would feed us. They never interacted with us and would mostly yell at us or grumble under their breath. My mommy said one of the humans used to pat her on the head occasionally and say nice things to her until she gave birth to my sister and I. They seemed to get really angry after we were born so I kept my distance.

The humans eventually packed up and left, abandoning my family and forcing us to learn how to find food for ourselves. One night, daddy was telling me about the fun we were going to have the next day hunting quail! The exciting adventure he spoke of almost made me forget my hunger pains and I was able to get a little sleep that night. As soon as I felt the heat from the sun the next morning, I anxiously licked daddy's face to gently wake him. I could barely contain my excitement for both the adventure and to quench the burning unbearable ache in my tummy. It was around this time two strange men entered our yard ... and, the nightmare began.

Daddy screamed in a panic instructing sister and I to run so we ran as fast as we could. I never saw mommy and daddy behaving in such a manner; and, I could tell by daddy's reaction we were fighting for our lives. My parents didn't run; instead, they barked, growled, barred teeth and lunged at the two men while sister and I tried to escape. My beloved parents did everything they could to keep my sister and I safe until the men captured my parents and dragged them away. That was the last time I ever saw my parents and my heart still yearns to feel their loving kisses and the gentle way my daddy would hold me at night.

Another man came back for my sister and I while we ran in every direction trying desperately to avoid being captured. Then, all of a sudden I felt a sharp object piercing my flesh and everything became fuzzy. As I was re-gaining consciousness, I discerned an intense, horrifying stench of death making me sick to my stomach. I opened my eyes and found sister and I trapped surrounded by walls, a ceiling and bars. The loud barking from hundreds of dogs hurt my ears and the smell of their fear made me even more terrified. Never in my entire life had I felt such overwhelming fear and terror -- a fear causing my entire body to tremble uncontrollably.

Mommy and daddy were labeled as 'feral' because of their reaction when they were trying to protect us. So, the 'shelter' killed them. My parents were so very loving, kind and gentle and no amount of time will lessen the sorrow I feel knowing they were killed because they were trying to protect me.

The shelter placed my sister and I on death row because we were fearful. I was pretty scared and my body trembled continually; but, the pain I felt thinking about my parents was the worst. I took their loss pretty hard. My body began to feel weak and soon I started to feel quite ill. My head hurt and it was hard for me to breathe. It was around this time a lady visited my sister and I. I had developed pneumonia which would be costly to treat so she chose to adopt sister only and left me to face death alone. I was terrified, so very sick and all alone. The only thing I knew to do was to try to shrink myself tight together and push my weak, sick body as close to the cold, hard concrete floor as possible. I wanted to disappear. I wanted everything to just go away ... I wanted to die. Death had to be better than this.

I closed my eyes; and, suddenly, I woke to find a person with me. I felt peace -- Instinctually, I knew this person wanted to help and protect me. He was gentle, tender, caring and loving. I wanted to trust him; but, the only humans I ever knew taught me to be fearful. Despite my sickness and fear, this person found value in my life and chose to save me. While he carried me to safety in his arms I felt a familiar warmth and comfort I once felt when my daddy was holding me those many nights outside when I was snuggled close to him at night. My savior placed me with a wonderful family who nursed me back to health and taught me to trust humans. And, this is when my happily ever after begins ....

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