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Aidee - German Shepherd Mix

Aidee was ripped away from her beloved family and dying of pneumonia. She was on death row and knocking on heavens door.

Fleur - German Shepherd Dog

This once forsaken junk yard dog with horrible skin and trust issues now has a new life. Read her story and witness her amazing transformation.

Rosie - Staffordshire Terrier

Rosie was unwanted, dumped and set to be killed. She was just another pit, and no other rescues were interested.


Shelter Paws is an all breed rescue in Arizona and is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals from high kill shelters. We urge you to join our life saving mission by helping us give a voice to the voiceless --- your help is greatly needed! We encourage you to learn more about our rescue, what sets us apart, and the many ways you can support our mission to save lives.

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