Rosie - Staffordshire Terrier

Rosie - Staffordshire Terrier

Rosie - Staffordshire Terrier

Rosie was unwanted, dumped and set to be killed. She was just another pit, and no other rescues were interested.
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We love her and she fits right into our family!

Happy Tails Story

My Story


Hello Friends!

My name is Rosie and I am a 2 year old female pit bull. I tried to always live up to my name by radiating love, joy and happiness; but, no matter how hard I tried, it never seemed to matter. I constantly felt unwanted, unloved and alone. The scariest time in my life is when I was grabbed up and placed behind bars in a loud, overcrowded building some called "county" and others referred to as "the shelter." It was packed with dogs and felt so cold, lonely and terrifying with an overwhelming smell of fear and death all around. I felt such distress when everything within me screamed out, "this is not a good place. I am going to die!" Then a young woman came to my kennel with a leash -- I was so excited, it looks like she was going to take me out of here! As I'm passing by the other dogs, they were barking ferociously at me, and trying to lunge through the kennel doors... so I did the only thing I knew and barked back, lunged so that they didn't think I was afraid. Next thing you know, I'm taken into a room and this young lady starts poking at me and pulling on things. I didn't feel so good about it, and was getting nervous. I was starving and hadn't eaten in days, and it looked like she was getting some food for me -- ahh, at last! She gave me some food, but then immediately started taking it away using some plastic hand?! I was so confused. Next thing you know, another dog came into the room, and it looked like he was going to take my food, so I gave him a low growl. He came closer, and didn't listen to my warning so I started barking more fierce. Still, he kept coming closer, so I lunged. Next thing I knew I was being dragged back to my kennel. Alone again. As the lights were being turned off for the day, I heard someone say as he passed by, "you won't be here when I come back tomorrow. You'll be gone." Even though I somehow already knew my life was coming to an end, his words made me feel utterly helpless. Feeling confusion and sadness, not knowing what I had done wrong, I mustered up just a little bit of energy to pray, "Please help me. please send an angel...." I laid my head down on my paw and closed my eyes wondering if this would be my last night alive.

I was startled the next day when the same person walked past my prison bars and exclaimed, "Someone was looking out for you!" Apparently, some rescue person pulled me off the kill-list for the evening, keeping me alive for another day! My prayer was answered! An angel kept me safe! Then, a person showed up and said she wanted to adopt me. Staff asked my "adopter" for her driver's license and collected the very small fee -- conducting no sort of screening process. At first, I was so overjoyed thinking that someone actually wanted "me"! But, as we drove away, I quickly realized my adopter did not really care about me. I was immediately chained up and left outside. My excitement quickly turned to hurt, pain and disappointment. Shortly after, I found myself back at the very same place: behind bars -- unloved, unwanted and facing death ... My owner refused to pay the fee to reclaim me and I was back on death row. This time, I did not care to say a prayer. All I ever knew was hurt, pain and loneliness. My life did not matter and I gave up all hope. As all hope and desire to live left my body, a miracle occurred in my final hours! The very first prayer I prayed was answered again! The same "angel" who kept me safe by pulling me from the kill list the first time determined in his heart to never allow anything bad to happen to me again. He pulled me from the list and chose to "New Hope" / 'rescue' me immediately so not to risk the shelter allowing another bad owner to adopt me. Now, my "savior" had total control of my destiny and he worked hard to find the perfect family for me. That is when my life of love and hope finally began!!

Details of the Rescue

Rosie is a very special girl -- so full of love, life and happiness and she deserved a chance at a beautiful life! Despite being a volunteers' favorite, she nearly slipped through the cracks; and, she came very close to being put to death the first time she was placed on death row. We pulled her from the euthanasia list; otherwise, she would have been killed. Unfortunately, MCACC does not screen adopters and she was adopted into an irresponsible home the following day.

A few months later Rosie was picked up by MCACC as a stray and her owner refused to pay the fee to reclaim her. Not willing to allow something bad to happen to Rosie again we carefully oversaw all the details from the moment she arrived back at the shelter. We sent an adopter to the shelter to meet Rosie; however, the shelter sabotaged the meet and greet by telling the adopter Rosie was not good with children. This was a false statement and the shelter volunteers who had personal close "hands-on experience" with Rosie disproved the shelter's false accusation. Sadly, the adopter had already left.



Freedom Ride

There was no choice but to rescue her and make sure she stayed safe. Thankfully, we were able to find a wonderful foster who was able to take Rosie into her home. The foster along with her children fell in love with Rosie immediately!

Happy Tails


Rosie being loved for the first time. She has finally found her forever home!

rosie_happy2 Here she is enjoying her first real bath and loving every moment of it!

Rosie loves her new family and they love her back! rosie_happy3

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