About Shelter Paws

Shelter Paws is an all-breed rescue specializing in German Shepherds and is located in Phoenix, AZ. Our rescue is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals that are typically overlooked by other rescues. We believe there is beauty and worth in all life and passionately feel it is our obligation as rescuers to help animals truly in need. Focusing on saving dogs other rescues are not willing to save, we concentrate on working with pups labeled by the shelter as "challenged," often requiring expert training and rehabilitation. Observing the great transformation from helplessness and devastation to hope, love and healing awards a tremendous sense of accomplishment, pride and joy, knowing the once troubled pup is alive and well undoubtedly because of our faithful efforts. We choose not to take the easy route and believe animals considered highly adoptable should be left for the general public to adopt.

Our Mission

About Shelter Paws We are devoted to working in the best interests of our rescues, placing their comfort and well being as top priority, making proper evaluations, ensuring expert handling and training, providing veterinarian health care and finding exceptional adoptive families. Our animals are treated like family and a close human / companion relationship is nurtured inside our home or inside carefully chosen foster homes. It is in the best interest of the animal to be placed immediately into a warm, loving home environment so the animal will thrive and realize his or her fullest potential quicker. This also allows us to maintain close human and companion interaction resulting in making ideal matches between pet and forever pet parent. We are uncompromising in every aspect providing top quality food, beds and supplies and we are thoroughly committed to placing our rescues in the best, safest, most loving and stable homes. Once our facility is opened, it will be designed to resemble a home like atmosphere offering a similar setup as a foster home.

Our Commitment To The Animals

Our lives are dedicated to help save animals on death row and our work reaches far beyond merely caring for our many rescued pups. We further demonstrate our commitment to helping by assisting other rescuers and potential adopters with evaluations, handling or removing terrified or aggressive-labeled pups from their kennels and helping with meet and greets when available.

We focus mainly on rescuing animals from Maricopa County Animal Care Control and we spend hours each day reading each and every MCACC's e-listed (death row) pup's post. Several hours can be spent reviewing often more than 100 e-listed posts at a time and pulling animals from the e-list each night. MCACC has the second highest intake in the USA, ranking in the top percentile in death rates in the country.

Thousands of animals are blessed with another tomorrow because of our level of commitment and passion to save lives! We take great responsibility to ensure all animals are blessed with a life of beauty -- a life filled with Happy Tails ... never to feel unwanted, unloved or hopeless again.


Shelter Paws is an all breed rescue in Arizona and is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals from high kill shelters. We urge you to join our life saving mission by helping us give a voice to the voiceless --- your help is greatly needed! We encourage you to learn more about our rescue, what sets us apart, and the many ways you can support our mission to save lives.

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