Your Support is Needed

For the past several years, we helped save thousands of animals, covering all expenses from our own personal funds. We never received any outside funding with the exception of a few small donations. In order to continue our tremendous life saving mission we need donations -- Your support is crucial in creating an eternal difference in animal's lives. Your gift, no matter the amount, will help Shelter Paws save lives and provide expert care and treatment needed.

Please help us continue with our ongoing rescue efforts -- and, donate today!

How Can I Donate?
We offer several ways for you to support our mission.
You can also make a donation to help with ...
Donate For Day-to-Day Operating Expenses
  • Obedience training and rehabilitation of our rescues if necessary.
  • Much time is spent pulling animals from the euthanasia list and evaluating.
  • We keep our rescues out of harms way by providing necessary vet care.
  • All of our rescues are spayed/neutered, licensed, chipped and vaccinated.
  • We feed our rescues premium food/treats to help maintain their health.
  • Beds, toys, collars, leashes, grooming, kennels and other necessary items.

What Makes Shelter Paws Different?

We helped save thousands of animals throughout the years and choose to rescue dogs that are overlooked, forgotten and not considered highly adoptable. Daily care, exercise and stimulation for the dogs is an all day obligation and we spend countless hours working with the pups including training and rehabilitation if necessary. Our rescued pups may have shown signs of aggression, fear or illness while at the shelter, and although it does take longer to work with dogs with behavioral issues and eventually find forever adoptive homes for them, these are the dogs, in fact, needing to be rescued. We are not saving highly adoptable pets as we feel those should be left for the general public to adopt. We rescue animals that truly need a chance. We are committed to "rescue," working hard to save animals that would otherwise be destroyed. We are dedicated to providing our rescued pups with the best - the best of us, our time, our heart & our resources. Our pups come from very hard, impoverished pasts and we feel it is important for them to never feel hardship discomfort or disappointment again. We feed top quality food and treats, use premium / plush beds and large 4' X 8' kennels for every dog so they each have their own space. Please help us continue to save dogs like Fleur, Sadie, Aidee and Boomer -- we cannot do it without your support!


Why Should I Help Shelter Paws?

In the past, we have seldom asked for money or donations for vet bills or money to save a specific dog. We are very careful about the homes we select for our dogs and choose not to place dogs with just anyone or the first person who hands us an adoption fee. Furthermore, we would never dump or transfer a dog to another shelter or return a dog to county -- we will never compromise our standards. We have spent hundreds of thousands of our own money, and now we need your help to continue our mission! Please help Shelter Paws continue to save animals by donating towards the cost of our day-to-day operating expenses. Donate today and make a difference -- your donation helps save lives by giving pets that would otherwise be killed a chance at a beautiful life! Either way, big or small, your donation is greatly appreciated and will go towards helping animals that we have rescued or need to be rescued!

All payments are sent direct via Paypal for your protection.


Shelter Paws is an all breed rescue in Arizona and is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals from high kill shelters. We urge you to join our life saving mission by helping us give a voice to the voiceless --- your help is greatly needed! We encourage you to learn more about our rescue, what sets us apart, and the many ways you can support our mission to save lives.

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