Our Sanctuary

Land Has Been Purchased!
10 gorgeous acres -- soon to become a safe haven for animals! Please donate to help build our sanctuary.

Land for Shelter Paws Sanctuary

Help Build Our Sanctuary
By supporting the building of our sanctuary you will help save thousands of helpless and unwanted animals. Your donation will help make an eternal difference for thousands of animals who would otherwise have no hope for a future! Over the years we have gone above and beyond, and spent hundreds of thousands of our own personal money caring for our rescued animals. Now to save even more lives we took it a step further and purchased 10 acres in beautiful North Scottsdale, Arizona ... however, your help is needed.

Please help by sponsoring our sanctuary. Your donation will help many animals live on!

The Heart of Shelter Paws Rescue
Shelter Paws Rescue was founded on the principle of: Saving the truly unwanted and creating amazing transformations through patience, love, faith, and lots of hard work in order to ensure the best quality of life for each and every animal we have saved. Over the years, we have helped save thousands of death row animals that were typically overlooked, unwanted and considered worthless by others. Our belief in the animals we save helps bring about these incredible transformations. Please take part in our life saving mission and help us continue making an eternal difference by donating today. We can't do this alone, but together we can make a huge difference.


Our rescue has made a substantial impact in the lives of many; however, each and every day 100s of animals continue to be discarded at high kill shelters. AZ is known to be one of the highest intakes in the nation, and thousands of helpless, innocent animals deserving of love, life and happiness are at risk for being put to death each day. These precious animals need our help in order to be given a chance at another tomorrow. Help us put a stop to this senseless killing by donating today and supporting the building of our sanctuary! In order to continue our tremendous life saving mission and make an even greater difference, we will be constructing a state of the art facility -- designed to resemble a warm, comfortable, intimate home-like atmosphere. Please join our efforts and donate today to help us continue saving dogs like ...

Why is our Sanctuary Needed?
Hundreds of animals are forced to die each and every day due to a lack of space, shortage of fosters, and/or not enough funding. A facility will give us the ability to rescue animals that are overlooked and require rehabilitation, and/or training. The best option is to build a facility where a team of experienced handlers will provide each animal with love, compassion, patience and training so each will thrive and realize his full potential. Without a facility, we cannot continue saving and transforming deserving lives. Unfortunately, there are very few qualified foster homes available for animals requiring additional training / rehabilitation, and we are full within our own homes. Until a safe haven with our level of devotion and no kill standards is made available for these precious animals, many innocent lives will continue to be put to death. Your donation, no matter the amount, is greatly needed and will go towards helping animals we have rescued or need to be rescued.

Our Sanctuary Will Offer ...
Experienced, Loving Staff
Our rescues are properly cared for, well-handled and shown love, compassion and patience by our warm and caring staff.
Home-Like Setting
Indoor lounge areas for play, and rooms designed to resemble a home-like setting where dogs can relax and begin to experience what it feels like to be part of a loving home.
Outdoor Play Group Areas
Multiple play yards where dogs can learn to be social. Each play yard will be fenced keeping social pups together while separating ones needing a bit more training. Also, smaller sized pups will be kept separate from larger ones.
Private Comfortable Suites
Each animal will have his very own spacious kennel with a comfy Kuranda bed and plenty of toys.

Our Sanctuary Dogs
Shelter Paws maintains a 100% uncompromising NO KILL policy. Since we will never give up on any of our rescues resulting in many remaining with us forever, monthly donations are needed to help cover ongoing expenses associated with properly caring for and housing a pup for long term. There are many animals that need sponsoring. Please read their story, and sponsor a sanctuary dog, or help us build a home for them (+others) by donating to help build our sanctuary!


When an animal is saved by Shelter Paws that animal is truly safe!
The types of dogs we rescue require much more work, time and money to rehabilitate; and, oftentimes many become forever sanctuary pups. In order to be able to continue to save death row animals that would otherwise have no one and offer a suitable environment for necessary training and rehabilitation while providing a forever home to all of our rescues if necessary, we have made the commitment to build a sanctuary by purchasing 10-acres of land in North Scottsdale -- an amazing location where the animals will be able to receive proper training while living out their lives in a loving, safe, and comfortable environment.

However, donations are needed now to begin building this greatly needed sanctuary! Please consider becoming a Paws Angel by donating to help build a forever home for many precious, deserving animals!

Our sanctuary will provide a warm, comfortable, loving safe haven where each animal can recover, learn to love and trust again until a suitable forever home is found ... no matter how long it takes. We are very careful about the homes we select for our rescues and choose not to place our animals with just anyone or with the first person who hands us an adoption fee. We are fully committed to each animal we rescue for the life of the animal. We have never nor will we ever give up on any of our rescues. We will never compromise our standards and our shelter will be a "sanctuary" to our rescued animals forever if necessary. Your donation will help save, protect, and ensure the lifelong safety and well being of thousands more lives!

Please help by sponsoring our sanctuary. Your donation will help many animals live on!


Shelter Paws is an all breed rescue in Arizona and is responsible for saving thousands of death row animals from high kill shelters. We urge you to join our life saving mission by helping us give a voice to the voiceless --- your help is greatly needed! We encourage you to learn more about our rescue, what sets us apart, and the many ways you can support our mission to save lives.

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