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Rex is an exceptionally sweet, loving and devoted pup with the people he considers "family" only. He is a powerful boy and requires a very strong and confident leader. Due to his strength and aggressive nature around strangers and animals we feel his future safety would be at risk if placed with the average adopter. Therefore, Rex is considered a sanctuary dog, and is in need of an experienced handler or sponsorship.
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Sanctuary Dog
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People / Dog Selective.


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About Rex

Rex was not a dog that we intended on rescuing since we were over-capacity. Rex was labeled "temperament-human" at the county shelter and placed on death row. A person from out of town had expressed interest in adopting him online, but since he was reacting and lashing out at county, no one was able to get near him to evaluate his true temperament. Like many other times in the past, Domenic was asked to help by a county volunteer due to his experience with the breed and aggressive dogs. Similar to most all animals, Rex responded exceptionally well to Domenic, founder of Shelter Paws. After he was rescued, the "person" that portrayed he was going to be this dogs hero, changed his mind about adopting Rex.

After a failed adoption, and countless meet/greets forward 3 years later, and Rex is still with Shelter Paws. Rex even had an audition with Sheriff Joe Arpaio's unit, but unfortunately didn't have enough prey drive. Further assessment reveals that after Rex forms a bond with whom he considers to be "his people," he becomes highly protective and reactive towards strangers. While very loving and devoted with his few select people, he is very people selective. In addition, he becomes highly reactive around dogs and cats. He will require socialization and further training as time permits.

Rex is a very strong pup and requires a very strong and confident leader. Although he is incredibly sweet with the people he considers to be 'his family' -- due to his strength and aggressive nature around strangers and animals -- we feel his future safety would be at risk if placed with the average adopter.

We do not want to risk setting this pup up to fail and are devoted to giving him a 'forever' here with us. Placed in the wrong hands could quite easily cost this sweet boy his life ... a chance we will not take.

Details / Updates

Rex -- a gorgeous male shepherd -- was dumped by his owner and county assessed human/animal aggressive. He is very fortunate to have been saved by Shelter Paws -- well known to never give up on any of its rescued animals. Rex has been worked with, and socialized with some dogs over the past 2+ years. Unfortunately, Rex can still be people/dog selective, and cannot be placed with the average adopter --- so he will most likely become a forever sanctuary pup unless a qualified and experienced handler is found. Please consider sponsoring this handsome boy.

Sponsor Rex

Shelter Paws believes All Lives Matter, and is dedicated to saving animals that are truly unwanted ... often rescuing dogs that will become forever sanctuary pups like Rex.

There is a higher level of devotion, time, and hard work, as well as a great deal of expense involved when saving animals considered challenged and/or not highly adoptable ... much more than most realize. Therefore, sponsors are needed in order to help financially back our forever rescued pups -- for LIFE!

We are a rescue that consistently maintains a 100% uncompromising NO KILL policy. Since we will never give up on any of our rescues resulting in many remaining with us forever, we need monthly donations to help cover ongoing expenses associated with properly caring for and housing a pup like Rex their entire natural life.

Your support helps us rescue more death row animals that are truly unwanted -- without your donation more "forever sanctuary pups" cannot continue to be saved from death row. Help a forever sanctuary dog live on and become their sponsor angel today...Rex is counting on you to help!

How Do I Sponsor Rex?
To get started, please click on the Sponsor Button. Your $25 monthly donation will help buy things such as food/treats and provide medical care for Rex. You will also be given access to our "private updates" section -- which offers additional photos/videos of Rex!



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